Simpsons Family stories: Marge’s Incest Part 2

Over few next few days, I began to feel guilty about what I had done, or allowed to have done to me. After my body got the attention it had craved for so long, my conscience began to return. I had had oral sex with my own daughter and let my son fuck me. What kind of a mother was I? For just a few minutes, I had changed from a caring, responsible mother to a cheap whore and a tramp that was so sex crazed that I had let my own children molest me.

It didn’t help that a few days later I was passing Lisa’s room and saw her sucking her brother’s cock again. They hadn’t even bothered to close the door. It was like they were saying “We know you’re a slut too.” Lisa even smiled at me as Bart shot his cum all over her face.

And the nights were getting even worse. Homer was coming home drunk every night. Sometimes he didn’t even make it to the bedroom. Just collapsed on the living room floor, dead drunk. My needs weren’t being taken care of. I needed something. I had always masturbated but now it was 2 or 3 times a day. But it wasn’t enough. It was like my shameful experience with the kids had ignited a fire that I couldn’t put out. My hands were between my legs every chance I got.

And about a week later, it caught up with me. I was in such desperate need that I forgotten to close my bedroom door. I lay naked on the bed, rubbing my sopping wet pussy for all it was worth.

“Well, what have we got here?”

I turned and saw Bart standing in the doorway. He had just come from a shower and the only thing he had on was a towel wrapped around his waist.

“Go away!” ” I screamed to him.

But he had other ideas. I didn’t notice it but there was a growing bulge in his crotch.

“I don’t think so, mother dear.” he said as he stepped into the bedroom.

Pulling the knot around his waist, he let the towel fall to the floor. His erection popped in to view. It bobbed obscenely as he walked over to the bed. “Looks like you need some help, mother.” He climbed on to the foot of the bed and placed his hands on my knees.

I covered my pussy with my hands.

“Bart, no.” I begged “I’m your mother. It’s wrong.”

I began to sob. My feeling were so confused. Part of me knew this whole thing was so wrong. The other day was bad enough that I couldn’t allow it to happen again. But the other part of me had needs. Sexual needs. I have always had a need to get fucked on a regular basis. And those needs weren’t being met. Part knew I was going to hell and damning my children to it too. But as I looked at his huge erection through my tear stained eyes, I knew I wanted that big, fat cock buried deep in my pussy. Part of me wanted my son to fuck my brains out.

And that part was winning.

“Well, it doesn’t matter if you want to or not. Cause I’m in the mood for fucking and Lisa’s not around.”

Bart gripped his stiff shaft and began to rub the head up and down my labia. “I didn’t get a chance the other day to try out your pussy. But I’m sure since you loved getting ass fucked so much, you’ll love feeling my cock in your pussy.” And he leaned forward, sliding his monster dick past my lips and into my wet twat. “Now, you’re not only my mom. You’re also gonna be my whore. Just like Lisa.”   

Oh, God! It did feel soooo good. Bart’s huge dick plowed into my sopping wet pussy until the head banged against my cervix. He is so huge, it fulled me up completely. He held it there while he felt the resistance disappear from my arms. All of my strength to resist him simply vanished and I spread my legs wide open for him.

“Yeah, I knew you were a slut. Just waiting for a big dick to fuck and make you into the whore you really are.”

He began to slide that monster in and out of me. My clit felt like it was going to explode.

“Oh, yes, Bart. Mommy’s your whore now. I’ll do anything you want. Just fuck me so good with your big cock. Feed Mommy your monster.”  

I felt like a river was flowing through my pussy and Bart’s dick was a log pushing against the current. It felt like a pole was sliding in and out of my hot, wet hole. His rough pubic hair rubbed against my clit every time he slid all the way in. It felt so good my tears of fear turned to tears of joy. I was getting royally fucked by my son and I loved it!

Bart gripped my ankles and lifted my legs up and around his body. Pressing them together and pinning me under his weight, he tightened my pussy around his cock. He increased his rhythm and began to pound me into the bed. His stiff salami banged against my womb with each stroke. It wasn’t long before I felt that tingling feeling all over my crotch. I was about to cum and it was gonna be a big one.

“Oh! God! Bart!!”

I lost all control. As the orgasm swept up from my sex and over my entire body. I felt like I was gonna piss and shit myself right there. My nipples were so hard they hurt. All my muscles went stiff as I screamed and the flow from my hole became a flash flood. I actually squirted girl cum out of my pussy as I came.

When I came to, Bart was still banging away. Then I felt the head of his cock swell and realized he was about to come. He pressed all the way inside me.

“Bart, don’t cum in me. Please! I might get preg . . .”

Too late. He squirted a big load of his sticky juice right into me. Shooting his hot sperm right past my cervix and into my baby maker. Then he squirted a second time. An even bigger squirt. I couldn’t help it. Feeling all that hot cum squirting into me caused me to cum again.

Bart pulled my legs apart and looked me in the face. He had a wicked smile on his face. “Maybe now you’ve just been knocked up by your own son. Only slutty whores let their own children fuck them and get them pregnant. But then you already know that. And from now on you’re gonna be my whore. Just like Lisa. And I’m gonna fuck you any time I feel like it.”

“Oh, Bart.”

He slid out of me. His dick had only gotten slightly softer but was still stiff and hard. His
withdrawal sent shivers up my body and caused another little orgasm. He leaned back on the bed. His stiff dick sticking straight up.

“Now I think I need a blowjob. Mom. Suck my dick.”

He ordered quietly but expectantly. It wasn’t a request. But an order. My son was ordering his mother to suck his dick. And I knew that, at that moment, there was nothing I wanted more. All thought of my possibly being pregnant leapt from my mind. I wanted to taste my son’s sticky, cum covered dick and suck it stiff again. I rolled over and turned around so my face was inches from his hard shaft. His dick was dripping with his cum and mine and it smelled of sex. I licked it’s underside and tasted the juices. I pressed my tongue into the little hole in the head and got a bit of his cum. Then I opened my mouth and sucked the shaft right in, going as deep, taking as much of his dick as I could swallow.

My son’s dick reeked. It was slimy and sticky and smelled horrible. And tasted so good in my mouth that I knew I would never again be able to deny my son a good dick sucking when ever he wanted one. I thought this must be what drug addition is like. I was now addicted to my son’s cock. And would do anything to get it. I knew at that moment that if Bart asked me to kill someone in order to suck his dick, I would do it. I would be his cock sucking whore forever and ever.

Bart turned around and lay his head on the pillow as I licked his stiff rod. I felt his hand slide between my legs and play with my pussy. His mother’s dripping pussy that was now leaking his cum. He split two fingers and slid them on either side of my swollen lips. He thumbed my sore clit a couple of time, sending socks of pain and pleasure shooting through my body. Then a finger slid over my clit and down deep into my tunnel. First one finger, then two. Bart finger fucked me while I licked his cock.

It just made me want his dick even more. I played with his balls as I tried to eat his entire shaft. But I couldn’t taker it all, I gagged as his head hit the back of my throat.

“You can do it, Mom. You just have to learn not to gag. Lisa can suck my whole dick into her mouth. Try relaxing and take it all in slowly. My bitches should be able to suck my entire dick down their throat.”

As he said that, I felt the two fingers slide out of my pussy and start to circle my anus. Then, without warning, he slide both of them into my butthole. I have to admit. It felt pretty good. He was lubricating my ass with the juices from my pussy. All of a sudden a picture flashed in my mind. A picture of me sucking my son’s stiff dick as he finger fucked his mother’s ass. And that image made me very horny at that moment.

Bart’s breath was beginning to come in shallow pants. His fingers moved in and out of my
butthole in a nice rhythm and I felt his cock stiffen in my mouth. I knew he was about to cum in my mouth and I wanted to taste all of it. I wanted him to fill my mouth with his hot cum.

“Uh, Mom. You are one good cock sucker.”

Just them I felt his dick stiffen and the head swell again. I wasn’t prepared for the flood of cum that he squirted into my mouth. Is was incredible! He had already filled my pussy and now he filled my mouth with his love juice. I couldn’t swallow it all. Some leaked past my mouth and slide down his shaft. It got all over his crotch and then smeared on my lips and mouth. Then he shoot a second load straight down my throat as he dipped his fingers deep into my ass.

Bart’s cock began to go limp, I lifted up and let his still pretty hard shaft fall out of my mouth. I rose up on my knees and happened to glance at us in the dresser mirror. I looked again. I really did look just like a whore that had just finished a john. Bart lay on the bed, his cock had fallen back across his stomach, His fingers still buried up my ass. My tits were stiff with excitement and my face was smeared with his cum. My hair was a mess. My pussy was even worse. Even from the back I could see juices smeared all over my thighs.

“Mmmm, Mom. That was great. You’re an even better cock sucker than Lisa.”

I lay down next to my son and gripped his half hard cock gently in my hand.

“Mmmm. My special little guy isn’t so little after all. You sure didn’t get this thing from your father.” I gently pumped his dick up and down.

And was amazed to see it harden up once again!

Bart looked me right in the face.

“Now, Mom. To make sure you know your place, “

“My place?!?”

“Yes, your place. Outside this house and when Homer’s around, you are still my mother. But the rest of the time, you are my whore. My fuck toy. To do with as I please.  Understand?”

“Yes, Bart.”

“Now roll over and get on your knees.”

“Bart, I’m tired now.”

“Tough. I still haven’t fucked your ass today. Now get it up here.”

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